Robot DJs

Daft Punk Tribute

Robot DJs? Are you serious? How about Daft Punk Tribute?


Daft Punk Tribute, International DJ Act

Ok just to be clear, our robots are actually highly skilled DJs that have all the equipment and lighting needed to pull off a great party. You can rest assured that this is not just a novelty act, it is a full on DJ package designed for big impact and lots of fun. The costumes are pure class, not Halloween style but real replicas that will stun your guests.

Daft Punk Tribute

Daft Punk Tribute are in massive demand all over Europe and can tailor their set to be less techno and more radio friendly if needed. The costumes and helmets they wear are exact replicas with glowing LED lighting FX built in. They are equally at home in a Techno club in Berlin or playing at your wedding party in Cork!

Transformer Bumblebee

Transformer BumbleBee is a slightly different story as he is fairly massive in size! Depending on the event he sometimes needs a DJ assistant to help with the mixing as it’s hard to see out of his helmet! This does not affect the show in any way and besides he is a serious mover and shaker. BumbleeBee DJ is perfect for kids parties and is by far the most famous and popular Transformer.

Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers are simply the most iconic sci-fi characters that have ever roamed the earth. Our costumes are the real deal from the movies and look so cool behind the decks. Yes we have real DJs under the helmets, you can chat to them well in advance of the event to go over music. Let them know what you like and don’t like.

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